Four Phases of CBE Program Development

This planner is based on a four-phase design model.

Planning Phase

In the planning phase, there are several decision points to consider and lots of information to collect. One of the earliest and biggest challenges will be getting everyone at your institution to agree on the definition of CBE. During this stage, you will be designing the foundations of your CBE program and planning for the necessary resources, staff and technology to carry out your program plan. Much time is focused on the competency-based curriculum during this phase.

Start-Up Phase

In the start-up phase, your focus will be on seeking the necessary approvals to offer your program. For example, if you are building a direct assessment program, the process will require approval from the institution, regional accreditor and U.S. Department of Education. In addition, marketing and recruitment for your program will likely begin during this phase.

Implementation Phase

In the implementation phase, you will be enrolling and educating students in your CBE program. With your program in operation, you will be gathering data and evaluating its effectiveness. This is the start of your quality assurance and continuous improvement processes.

Scale-Up Phase

In the scale-up phase, your program will be reaching its maturity. At this point, your focus might be on scaling your enrollment to the desired target number of students. Or, you might begin replicating the CBE program design in other areas of study, thus, expanding your CBE offerings.